Operation Small Steps (OSS) is a non-profit medical organization focused on the education and treatment of clubfoot and other orthopedic conditions in underserved areas around the globe. We are committed to reaching out to the world one small step at a time.
In the fall of 2010 a chance conversation among friends and coworkers occurred regarding taking a trip to Madagascar in order to perform an orthopedic related mission. Through subsequent discussions, research and planning, OSS was born. The inaugural trip took place in the spring of 2011. During that trip 146 patients were seen and 52 procedures were performed. The severity of the diseases encountered was staggering. Conditions that are routinely and effectively treated in the United States are regularly neglected in Madagascar and other developing countries. The ramification of this neglect often leads to devastating and unnecessary disability. OSS hopes to minimize this occurrence where it can.

Through their experience, the OSS team returned to the States with a renewed sense of purpose to build upon successes and redevelop the program in a more effective structure. Currently, OSS has been working with national and global experts in the field of pediatric orthopedics and clubfoot treatment. We hope to bring the problem of neglected orthopedic care to the forefront of public awareness. From humble beginnings OSS, along with its global partners, hopes to expand its impact across the globe while never forgetting the local community that made its existence possible.